To encourage the results of our projects to be developed according to ethical behavior guidelines and to facilitate the provision of quality services, which include, among others, the understanding and usefulness of the services provided, we have developed a Code of Responsible Behavior for the users of This code is based on the guidelines of the American Psychological Association endorsed by the Testing Commission of the General Council of Psychology of Spain, the recommendations of the Beijing Consensus on artificial intelligence and education and the ethical principles contained in the Charter of Law Digital

Our goal is that all users, once they understand the usefulness of, are fully aware of the legal, deontological and ethical implications and responsibilities that its use entails.

Responsible behavior

The users undertake to respect the ethical principles of the psychological evaluation of the General Council of Psychology of Spain as appropriate.

Users undertake to respect the Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement of the General Council of Psychology of Spain.

The users undertake to respect the standards for the competence of teachers in the educational evaluation of the students of the General Council of Psychology of Spain.

The users undertake to respect the national and international quality control, safety and research guidelines drawn up by the American Psychological Association and endorsed by the appropriate Tests Commission of the General Council of Psychology of Spain.

Users undertake to respect the recommendations of the Beijing Consensus on artificial intelligence and education, using the application as a tool to support teaching and teaching staff to favor the various learning processes;

Users are undertake to respect the ethical principles contained in the Charter of Digital Rights, highlighting for the correct use of the product the right of people not to be subjected to personality or conduct analysis that involves the profiling of people, except with the consent of the affected persons or in the cases and with the guarantees provided by law.

Ultimately, the users undertake to make responsible use of the tool.To do this, the users’ commitment to comply with all current legislation as well as the corresponding deontological standards is essential. ;

Confidentiality, privacy and data protection

By virtue of the data protection policy that we have with our users, the following commitments may be derived:

Users undertake that all information obtained through the use of the tool must be used for the purposes strictly established for it. Any other use of such information is strictly prohibited;

Users undertake to protect and adopt the necessary measures to safeguard the confidential and personal information to which they access, collecting and processing the data in accordance with current legislation and professional obligations;

The users undertake not to reveal the personal and confidential information that has been exposed with the use of the tool, unless there is written authorization to do so or it is required by law;

Users agree not to share confidential information obtained through the use of the tool with any person (natural or legal) who does not have access to it, unless they have written consent to do so or for legal reasons;

The users undertake to preserve the confidentiality of the information obtained through the use of the tool, treating it with special responsibility, control and protection;

The users agree not to use the confidential information on the data obtained for personal benefit or that of third parties;

Users agree not to reveal said information in public or informal conversations with third parties;