Why HumanAI

AI at the service of human development

HumanAI puts technology and Artificial Intelligence at the service of human development and society. Therefore, we seek to support professionals and organisations with reliable and immediate information on personality and Social & Emotional Skills and assist them to act where it really matters

Accumulated research evidence over the last few decades shows that SES are increasingly relevant factors in school, work, and life in general.

They are found to influence relevant life outcomes, from educational attainment, employment and occupational status to social relations, civic citizenship, health, and personal wellbeing (Kankaraš, 2017; Chernyshenko et al., 2018).

More importantly, SES are found to be equally malleable as cognitive and technical skills, thus representing important opportunity for effective policy interventions for the benefit of individuals and society (Robberts et al, 2007; Chernyshenko et al., 2018).

However, the measures and approaches currently available for these purposes leave a lot to be desired, as they largely rely on self-reports or reports by third persons.

These have a several fallacies, including subjectivity, report style biases, memory bias, reference biases, etc. (Kankaraš et al,2019).

Apart from the limitations in their psychometric properties, traditional skill evaluation approaches have other drawbacks: Users generally do not appreciate their test-like format, and they are often seen as a nuance to the daily activities and are for those reasons often rejected.

Rigorous scientific validation in proces, contrasting against psychometric tests

HumanAI collaborates with universities in the development and validation of its algorithms, and we are contrasting HumanAI’s assessments against standard psychometrics like NEO PI-R tests.

Highly accurate personality and Social & Emotional skills assessments

HumanAI enjoys a high assessment accuracy tested with thousands of people and relies on a more objective method than those using on subjective user / customer perception.

Less prone to self-perception bias and participant manipulation

The nature of HumanAI’s methodology avoids self-perception biases and is less prone to manipulation of results by participants, as it is complex to adapt personal language with the goal of influencing personality assessment outcomes.

Immediate results and non-onerous assessments for end users and professionals

Individual personality and SES reports are immediately available to the professional / user. Furthermore, the tediousness of completing questionnaires is avoided as HumanAI may use already written texts or voice transcriptions that are automatically analysed, showing immediate results.

Guaranteed privacy and security

The nature of our activity does not involve sharing information with third parties, unless required by law. 

We take technical, ethical and legal measures to keep information protected on our systems.

Highly cost effective solution

HumanAI allows professional to save time and money vs. traditional psychometric tests, as the latter require substantial costs for administration and interpretation and require involvement of psychometric experts that are not always available. HumanAI allows professionals to spend more time on core professional activities.

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