How HumanAI Works

How HumanAI Works

HumanAI offers immediate personality and social and emotional skills (SES) assessments, by simply entering a text (it can be a pre-existing text, or the sum of several fragments). HumanAI also supports voice input, which it transcribes to text automatically, as we do not handle biometric information. 

HumanAI is geared at organisations and professionals (like education, mental health, employment services) and professionals having primary access to the assessments and may share with users as required, according to legislation, compliance, and deontological codes. Additionally, HumanAI offers a range of value-added reporting and analytics tools, including reports vs. reference and group reporting.

You can contract a license to use our cloud application service or to use our API from your own platform.

We support Spanish and English languages at present, and we envisage to offer assessments in other languages in the near future.

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