HumanAI is a solution that assesses personality and social-emotional skills based on artificial intelligence using free text or voice transcription. HumanAI helps professionals to better understand students, patients, unemployed and employees in order to assist them more effectively in their development.

HumanAI is aimed at educational organizations, mental health professionals, employment services and human resources departments.

Using HumanAI is very simple. The professionals enter the texts written by the users (or invite them to enter the text themselves or make the voice recordings, after receiving an email).

HumanAi is directed to institutions, professionals, and companies that can use our services through our app or our API. You just need to contact HumanAI at customer contact to sign the monthly or yearly license agreement tailored to your needs. 

HumanAI is based on the OCEAN or Big 5 personality model, which is the universally accepted psychological model of personality. On the other hand, the model on which we base our assessment of social-emotional competencies is the SES developed by the OECD. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) models have been designed and trained with multidisciplinary teams of university researchers and are contrasted with traditional psychometric tools such as the NEO P-IR test.

HumanAI’s predictive accuracy is very high. HumanAI has already been used by numerous schools, universities, businesses and mental health professionals.

HumaAI’s personality/ soft skills assessment should have greater validity than self-assessment, as it avoids bias and reduces room for influencing outcomes by users conducting traditional personality tests.

No, HumanAI does not replace humans. It empowers professionals, providing them with valuable information that is accurate, immediate, non- onerous and cost effective. HumanAI allows professionals to focus on their core activities.

HumanAI takes all required measures to ensure data is safely stored and protected. Regarding confidentiality, we do not share information with third parties, unless required by law. HumanAI adheres to the highest confidentiality and ethical standards.

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