Ethical Behavior for HumanAI´s customers

We have developed an ethical code of behavior that HumanAI’s customers adhere to in order to access our services. It sets out the legal and deontological responsibilities associated to the use of data obtained from using HumanAI.  Our code of behavior reflects the directives of the American Psychological Association, the recommendation of the Beijing consensus on Artificial Intelligence and education, the ethical principles in the Digital Rights Charter and the Spanish Psychology Council Tests Commission.

Our clients are committed to

Protect and adopt the necessary reasonable measures to protect user’s confidential and personal information, collecting and handling data in observance of applicable legislation and professional codes of behavior.

Not share or disclose to third parties’ confidential information obtained from using HumanAI, unless requested by law.

Customers will not disclose confidential or personal information obtained from using HumanAI formally or informally via any means of communication.

Handling of user data by HumanAI

We take all required precautions to protect all data. Regarding confidentiality, we do not share information with third parties, unless required by law. HumanAI adheres to the highest confidentiality and ethical standards. All our customers are required to sign the digital ethical code of behavior.

HumanAI´s Secure Hosting

The servers where customer and user information is held are located in the European Union, and are been certified with the most demanding compliance models.

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