Not Just assessing humans, but fostering human capabilities

Our purpose: At HumanAI we use innovative technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML). Our methodology enhances human development, providing valuable, reliable, and immediate information on personality and soft skills. HumanAI facilitates decision making by professionals where it really matters. Our intent in not just assessing humans, but fostering human capabilities, providing professionals with elements that support them in better making their decisions.

We are a #Goodtech. Ethics principles are core for HumanAI, and we do not share or trade with user information. We have an ethical code in place to ensure we always comply with the highest standards. We will grant all data is securely stored in our systems.

HumanAI rigorously uses scientifically validated models, developed in collaboration with universities’ research teams. Our scientific models are based on widely accepted OCEAN personality model (big 5) and the OECD social & emotional skills (SES) model.

We envisage to provide the highest accuracy and reliability. It is obtained from our differential scientific contrast against established psychometric models like NEO-PIR, which takes out biases  from self-evaluations, resulting in higher prediction accuracy. This allows HumanAI to be used in applications where demonstrated rigour is required, like mental health, justice administration, education, and public employment services.

Leadership team

María Beúnza

María Beúnza


Maria has developed her professional career in the world of innovation and lifelong learning.
She has led talent programs in multinationals and public agencies in different countries and has founded companies and promoted international initiatives of high social impact.
Her academic career includes different postgraduate degrees in education, management, strategy, and research projects.

Javier Orduna

Javier Orduna


Javier is enthusiastic to bring his strategy, finance and operations skills to the project and drive value creation to society and investors. Prior to joining HumanAI, he worked as Senior Analyst at AZ Valor Asset Management. He was Head of Finance at Codere, Head of Strategy at Uralita and Manager at Kearney and Accenture. Javier is a Mechanical Engineer and M.B.A.

Roberto Aguirre

Roberto Aguirre


Roberto has developed his professional life halfway between technology and innovation, bringing all that knowledge to HumanAI. He leads architecture design and user experience and provides leadership in the technical strategy, inspiring the engineering team to grow and develop the solutions.
Since university, where he created his first company, he has held several positions of responsibility in the development of innovative solutions with the latest technologies of the moment in his own companies and third parties.

Advisory Board

PhD. Iván Cordón

PhD. Iván Cordón

Director of Innovation and Tech Transfer - Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - University of Navarra

Ivan has always been interested in data and its potential to change and help society and has +10 years of experience leading data science & AI projects and helping companies to extract value from their data. Before his current position as Director of Innovation and Tech Transfer at the Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, he held positions as Head of data Strategy and Data Scientist in several companies, like Telepizza, Altius, Dativa, Genius Digital and Datatronics. He has also maintained his involvement with academia as Data Scientist Fellow at the ASI, and Research Analyst at the Centre for Applied Medical Research.

Ivan holds a PhD in Neuroscience and Biomedical Engineering, an MBA, an M. Sc. In Artificial Intelligence, and M.Sc. in I.T. and Telecommunications Research, and a B.Sc. in Computer Science.

PhD. María Cruz Díaz de Terán

PhD. María Cruz Díaz de Terán

Professor in Philosophy of Law - University of Navarra

María Cruz is an eager professional dedicated to the research, teaching and translation to society of ethics and equality principles. She is a Professor in Philosophy of Law at the University of Navarra, she is the Coordinator of the WINN Network (LATAM Program for the Development of Science and Technology) and the Lead Researcher for the Genovifem Project (Promotion of female contribution in Science). María Cruz holds a PhD in Philosophy of Law and a Degree in Law, specialising in Bio Ethics. She has also conducted research as a visiting professor at the Mauer School of Law (Indiana University), the University of Rome Tor Vergata and theUniversidad Católica Santo Toribio de Mogrovejas (Peru).

PhD. Indalecio Estrada

PhD. Indalecio Estrada

Head of the naval professional training centre – Asturias

Indalecio is passionate about employment and education and is currently the Head of the Naval professional training centre in Asturias and President of the Fundación Perspectivas del Trabajo. He is also a member of the Professional Education Board of the Region of Asturias (Spain), and is a tutor, training teachers for the public education system. In his 30-year career, He has also been the Regional Secretary for Education in the largest trade union (UGT), and Head of Organisation, leading bargaining processes for over 40,000 employees. Inadalecio holds a PhD in Humanities and Social Science, a postgraduate degree in Public Management Leadership and a Degree in Employment Sciences.

Elisa Martín

Elisa Martín

Head of Health at the Institute of Knowledge Engineering – Autonomous University of Madrid

Elisa is a dedicated professional in the application of technology to drive innovation towards meaningful contributions to society. She is a Member of the IBM Academy of Technology and FEI Spain (Innovative Companies Forum) Prior to her current position with the Autonomous University of Madrid, she led IBM’s technology and innovation in Spain, with the main objective of stimulating smart solutions in Spanish companies and institutions using technology and innovation as drivers. Elisa holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

PhD. Manuel Martín

PhD. Manuel Martín

Medical Director at Padre Menni Psychiatric hospitals and Vice-President of the Spanish Society of Psychiatry

Manuel is a psychiatrist and is currently the Medical Director at two Psychiatric Hospitals (Padre Menni). He is the Vice President of the Spanish Association of Psychiatry and the Secretary of the board of FIDMAG Research Foundation. His professional career, spanning over 35 years, has been dedicated to improving the mental health of society and while he has always been a practising psychiatrist, he has also contributed to the advancement of the profession in positions like the Chairman of the Council of NPA at the European Psychiatric Association and Director at the Maria Josefa Recio Foundation Research Centre.

Melania Ottaviano

Melania Ottaviano

Head Diploma in Educational Innovation at Universidad Siglo 21 (Argentina) and Professor in Education at Universidad Católica de Cuyo (Argentina)

Melania is passionate in creating and deploying innovative and transformational projects in education, both nationally and internationally. She is currently a professor in Education at Universidad Católica de Cuyo and Coordinator of REDWINN in Argentina. Prior to this Melania was the Coordinator for Education at the Argentinean Ministry of Education and worked in Telefonica Foundation in education related areas. Melania holds a M.A. in E-learning and graduated in Education Psychology and is a certified teacher / lecturer for high school and universities.


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HumanAI is a solution that assesses personality and social-emotional skills based on artificial intelligence using free text or voice transcription. HumanAI helps professionals to better understand students, patients, unemployed and employees in order to assist them more effectively in their development.

HumanAI is aimed at educational organizations, mental health professionals, employment services and human resources departments.

Using HumanAI is very simple. The professionals enter the texts written by the users (or invite them to enter the text themselves or make the voice recordings, after receiving an email).

HumanAi is directed to institutions, professionals, and companies that can use our services through our app or our API. You just need to contact HumanAI at customer contact to sign the monthly or yearly license agreement tailored to your needs. 

HumanAI is based on the OCEAN or Big 5 personality model, which is the universally accepted psychological model of personality. On the other hand, the model on which we base our assessment of social-emotional competencies is the SES developed by the OECD. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) models have been designed and trained with multidisciplinary teams of university researchers and are contrasted with traditional psychometric tools such as the NEO P-IR test.

HumanAI’s predictive accuracy is very high. HumanAI has already been used by numerous schools, universities, businesses and mental health professionals.

HumaAI’s personality/ soft skills assessment should have greater validity than self-assessment, as it avoids bias and reduces room for influencing outcomes by users conducting traditional personality tests.

No, HumanAI does not replace humans. It empowers professionals, providing them with valuable information that is accurate, immediate, non- onerous and cost effective. HumanAI allows professionals to focus on their core activities.

HumanAI takes all required measures to ensure data is safely stored and protected. Regarding confidentiality, we do not share information with third parties, unless required by law. HumanAI adheres to the highest confidentiality and ethical standards.


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