The impact of the leader’s personality on team performance

It has been confirmed that there are four factors of the personality of leaders that have a significant and positive relationship with the work performance of employees: extraversion, openness to experience, responsibility and Agreeableness (Maisarah, 2016). Agreeableness has shown the most significant correlation. On the contrary, neuroticism negatively correlates with such performance.

When it comes to leading teams, the personality of its members is a very relevant aspect. Linking the personality factors of the OCEAN model with motivation (Montaig, 2020) it has been verified, by comparing with Maslow’s pyramid, that neuroticism negatively correlates with the entire pyramid, extraversion positively correlates with the need for recognition, kindness with that of belonging and responsibility and openness with self-realization.

In the training environment, Openness, Extraversion and Agreeableness of teachers have been shown to have a significant positive effect on the enjoyment of language learners.

Vocational guidance should include knowledge of personality, given its impact on the choices to be made, as demonstrated in studies on STEM vocations.

AI is already a daily reality. Let us put it at our service!

Using “Strong Evidence on Soft Skills,” Heckman (2000 Nobel Laureate) and Kautz demonstrated that personality traits predict and cause outcomes. Today, science has shown that personality is a critical factor for multiple milestones in life, that it is as important as cognitive skills or technical knowledge (or even more), and that it is modifiable. Within the personality models, the OCEAN is the only one on which there is a worldwide scientific consensus and for that reason, it is used in the fields: educational, work and therapeutic and is linked to socio-emotional competences (misnamed “soft”) .

The latest advances in linguistic psychology make it possible to predict personality from textual information from the novel open vocabulary approach. Together with the speed and precision of artificial intelligence analysis, they achieve that what for some may seem like magic, is today applied science at the service of human development.

HumanAI allows you an agile and extensive analysis with which to complement tests and direct observations.