AI in the classroom? An educational innovation

“Today the great challenge we have is to know who our students are, who we have in front of us. Today’s education is very oriented to knowledge, but not to personal and professional training, and the same with teachers. That is why we take advantage of artificial intelligence, together with neurolinguistics, to be able to generate precisely these processes of growth and personal knowledge; also to have an impact on the ecosystem.”

Melania Ottaviano

Melania Ottaviano, director of the Diploma in Educational Innovation at Siglo 21 University, member of the TEDxRíodelaPlata team and Advisor of HumanAI Tech has participated in the Buenos Aires Book Fair. Patricio Zunini from the Ticmas team raises questions about artificial intelligence, its challenges in education and its impact on human innovation.

“With the chatGPT we started to think about the benefits, the opportunities… without forgetting the challenges and threats. What we do and what we see is how artificial intelligence can benefit, in this case, the development of socioemotional skills,” says Melania.

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