Boosting employability with Human AI

Professional of the Future“, a pioneering project promoted by the University of La Rioja and supported by the Government of La Rioja.

It aims to promote the employability of students from the first year of their university studies by reinforcing transversal employment skills throughout all the years of academic training.

To this end, they are evaluated through the HumanAI tool, which provides them with an individual report analyzing different skills and competencies. With the results of this evaluation, a personalized training itinerary will be drawn up to enhance the necessary competencies through group training modules and individual orientation sessions.

The last phase of the project foresees a second evaluation with HumanAI to verify the impact of the training received on the development of employability skills and the evolution of the corresponding competencies. Students will be able to apply for the recognition of ECTS and micro-credentials credits according to the training modules completed and their participation in the program.

If you want to know more about the project read more at: Professional of the Future