Why is it relevant to generate creative contexts in sports?

“Decision-making is trained by playing, making the player feel like a protagonist.”

Pep Guardiola, former soccer player and coach.

What better way to train decision making than through the game?

The magic of soccer begins when the ball is put in motion.

Players must make quick decisions, adapt to circumstances and learn to play in synchrony. With the ball stationary the defensive position is quickly structured, on the move uncertainty takes over the opponent.

Each pass, each movement is a decision made. The more you train, the more decisions are made and the better the player becomes at reading the game, generating tactics and improvised plays.

Soccer is dynamic, fluid and full of uncertainties; it is not a game of predictable movements where the pieces move following a set pattern.

The danger of automation in training is real. If players become accustomed to rigid patterns and repetitive training, they are likely to lose the ability to innovate on the field.

“I understand positional play, attacking spaces… but I believe that as coaches we have to take care of that supposed, or real, lack of creativity. I think a creative player unlocks those block defenses. A creative player is creative, inventing something different when everything is monotonous”.

Pablo Aimar, technical director of Argentina’s Under 17 team

Sporting success manifests itself when a player is able to make unique passes and plays in unpredictable situations. Innovation cannot flourish in an environment where everything is mechanical.

Soccer is a sport of emotions, decisions and constant movement that requires one ingredient to transform a good player into a true genius: creativity.

Coaches have the responsibility to develop this competence by bringing out all the talent and potential of their players. This way of coaching will make the difference on the field: making exciting plays or changing the destiny of a match.

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