IRIS Award for Best Digital Collaborative Project

IRIS, Digital Innovation Pole of Navarra has recognized HumanAI Tech with the I IRIS Award in the category of ‘Digital Collaborative Project’ in joint candidacy with the Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DATAI) of the University of Navarra.

I Edition of the IRIS AWARDS for digitalization

The IRIS awards – organized by the Digital Innovation Pole of Navarra (IRIS) – annually recognize and reward the best initiatives and projects in the field of digitization, serving as a platform for dissemination and promotion of digital transformation in companies, entities and organizations in Navarra.

“We want this Digital Innovation Pole not only to be a place of work, but to constitute an ecosystem in which innovation and technology coexist, bringing all this knowledge to companies, research and citizens so that it translates into tangible benefits for the whole of Navarre.”

Speech by Juan Cruz Cigudosa Cigudosa, Regional Minister of University, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Government of Navarre

More than 150 people attended the presentation of these awards, promoted by the Government of Navarra with the collaboration of Navarra Foundation for Excellence. The master of ceremonies of the gala was DIGITALIX23, a robot that talked to SIRI to the surprise of the more than 150 people attending the event, “an act that has combined both people and technology with the aim of humanizing the latter,” reports Diario de Navarra. After the gala, a networking space was opened and a lunch was offered to all attendees.

Five award-winning entities

The jury of the Awards was made up of professionals belonging to IRIS Governing Committee members such as ADItech, AIN, Animsa, CEIN, NASERTIC, SODENA, TRACASA and the Government of Navarra, evaluating all 61 applications received and awarding prizes in 5 categories to the following companies and entities:

  1. Best Digitalized Company: NEXXYO LABS. Company that has developed and applied internally global transformative strategies, based on disruptive technologies such as blockchain in the gaming and industrial sectors.

2. Best Digital Collaborative Project: HUMAN AI, DATAI, Jesuitinas Pamplona and Navarre Employment Service. For the creation and co-design together with educational centers and training and employment entities of a solution based on artificial intelligence for the characterization of personality and socioemotional competencies from written texts, as an alternative to traditional assessment methods, avoiding the biases of self-perception and social desirability.

3. Best Digitalized Commerce: Montse’s Soaps. An artisan soap-making company awarded for adapting a traditional business model to the digital world.

4. Best Digital Public Institution: Mutua Navarra. For revolutionizing radiology services by implementing a digital system that achieves greater accuracy in diagnosis, improving the quality of life of patients

5. Digitalization of the Third Sector: ONCE NAVARRA. For improving the quality of life of blind people thanks to the implementation of digital actions (digital platform of biometric signature by voice with full legal validity).

In 2019, research and development began together with educational centers, technology companies and researchers from the Academy. In 2021 HumanAI Tech was launched and in 2022, together with the Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence of the University of Navarra, we began to walk the path of collaboration and stable co-creation that is not only essential to achieve the objectives of the company but are part of the DNA of Human AI.

“Human AI puts technology and Artificial Intelligence at the service of human development. Therefore, we seek to support professionals and organizations with information on Socioemotional Competencies, helping them to act where it really matters. This award recognizes that the innovation in transfer that we do at the University can become tangible and benefit society”.

Iván Cordón, Innovation Director of DATAI.

Best Collaborative Project Award 

For his part, Roberto Aguirre, CTO of Human AI, in his speech of gratitude, mentioned the boost that the collaboration and co-creation ecosystem of the company is receiving from Latam. “This award is also for the entire community on the other side of the ‘Charco'”; especially to our advisor in Argentina Melania Ottaviano for “trusting in our enthusiasm to improve the world a little, creating a digital and purposeful company”.

The award was presented by Agurtzane Martínez, General Director of Science, Technology and Innovation; and Delia Sola, Director of Strategic Project Services of the S4. On stage were Mercedes Vilches, head of the Innovation and Experimental Projects Section of the Navarra Employment Service; Ángel Estanga, coordinator of the Educational Innovation Team at Jesuitinas; Roberto Aguirre, co-founder and CTO of Human AI; and Iván Cordón, director of Innovation at DATAI University of Navarra.

Beyond Human AI

The Polo IRIS award for ‘Collaborative Project’ is an award that goes beyond the Human AI ecosystem; it reaches out to all the people, organizations and institutions that have enabled the development of the purpose of Human AI: organizations and institutions that are already part of an open and stable innovation ecosystem.

A purpose that is intimately related to human development and decision making of professionals where it really matters: education, employment, high performance sports, personal well-being and even in applications such as mental health, justice administration or public employment services.

With this distinction, Human AI consolidates a leading position in the practical application of artificial intelligence in the service of human development, contributing to the growth of individuals and organizations in the digital era. Human AI’s proposal goes beyond its own innovative ecosystem by putting artificial intelligence at the service of human development and society.

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