Talent selection based on competencies

In today’s dynamic work scenario, the acquisition and development of specific competencies has taken on unprecedented relevance. The premise that skills and aptitudes surpass academic qualifications is an unquestionable reality in today’s business world. For those in the Human Resources field, it is essential to understand the competencies most in demand by the different professional profiles, in order to guide candidates towards sustainable job success.w

The rise of the competency profile

The concept of competency profiling has become essential in the identification and evaluation of talent in selection processes. This approach goes beyond mere technical skills, delving into the behaviors and capabilities that are key to success in a specific job position. It is a description that anticipates how an individual can contribute to the achievement of organizational objectives from his or her position.

At the heart of competency-based selection is customization. Each company, with its unique corporate culture and specific goals, is looking for candidates who not only possess technical skills, but also fit with the organization’s environment and values. This is where the role of HR professionals becomes crucial, identifying the specific needs of each position to find the most suitable talent.

Selection of talent by competencies

What do recruiters want to see in a job interview? Ask Eva Porto Soto to, specialist in the work environment at Top Voices Employment 2023 – LinkedIn News-Spain Employment Objective.

“They will want to see your motivation and evaluate if you have the soft skills or soft competencies needed to perform that position successfully. Among the most in-demand are teamwork, communication skills, commitment, emotional intelligence, adaptability and problem-solving. And how do you demonstrate that you have them? Establish which ones are relevant to your position and then identify anecdotes or past experiences where you have put them into practice,” says the psychologist specializing in Human Resources.

The development and assessment of personal and social skills is gaining more and more relevance in selection processes. It is vital to understand – in order to effectively advise those seeking to enhance their professional profile – the most in-demand competencies in today’s job market.

Competency-based employment profiling: A Guide for HR Professionals

Selection by competencies involves a personalized process, in which the needs of the company’s job position are identified in order to find the human talent best prepared to perform it successfully. Each company has its own corporate culture and objectives, but there are professional competencies – specific, transversal and personal – appropriate to each professional profile.

El Observatorio de las Ocupaciones del SEPE – Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal SEPE co de Empleo Estatal en España – estudia cada cierto tiempo los perfiles profesionales de la oferta de empleo a partir de las actividades económicas y ocupaciones con mejor comportamiento en el empleo y con mejores perspectivas de en el mercado de trabajo. 

The Observatory of Occupations of the SEPE – Service Public Employment State SEPE co of State Employment in Spain – periodically studies the professional profiles of the job offer according to the economic activities and occupations with the best performance in employment and with the best prospects in the labor market.

For each of the professional profiles, a characterization of the job offer is made, including the working conditions proposed by employers and the specific competencies, skills and personal competencies required of the candidates, in addition to the training and experience required. It also includes the main labor indicators of the professional group of the profile, in order to contextualize it in the labor market, analyzing its behavior, evolution, market entry and exit mechanisms, mobility, etc. Finally, the occupations analyzed in the profiles, the functions they perform and some aspects of their training are included.

Technology at the service of competencies

In the current technological and digital paradigm, reflection arises on the possibility of assessing the skills in demand through the use of the technology at our disposal. Personalization in the identification of key professional competencies could greatly benefit from tools that facilitate data collection and analysis, thus contributing to a more efficient and accurate process in the selection of talent.

The convergence between the personalization of competency-based selection and the potential of technology facilitates this process, opening up a promising horizon. The ability to assess competencies more efficiently, accurately and reliably with technological tools could represent a significant advance in the search and selection of talent, opening up new possibilities for a more effective integration of people in the current labor context.

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