“We develop skill by relying on AI.”

At the Integrated Center of FP del Mar it is clear to them that the development of socioemotional competencies is fundamental. Roberto Suárez Malagón, Head of the Accreditation Unit of this institution, tells us about his experience working with our Human AI assistant.

“The use of the Human AI tool allows us to have a diagnosis for each student and for them to know what these socioemotional competencies are, to think, to reflect and to work in the center and also in the field of employability, to see how we can reach a better integration.”

“That individual report is a basis to work on: from it, getting to know the student better, we follow up to find out how they have developed those competencies and how they have adapted.”

“No student in any course, job or vocational training activity should finish his or her studies without being able to analyze his or her socioemotional competencies, aptitudes, in short, character formation.”

Thank you, Roberto, for sharing your experience with Human AI!