AI Applied to Higher Education and Employment

“Hemispheres University hosted the “AI Applied to Higher Education and Employment” event, an initiative that explored innovative practices to advance equity through the application of artificial intelligence. The event was driven by a collaboration between the School of Government, the Institute for the Development of Culture and Society (IDECS), Red Winn and Human Al, creating a space for dialogue to share key ideas and perspectives on technological equity.

Gabriela Rodriguez, Dean IDECS opened the event with welcoming remarks and gave way to the panelists. Diego Ignacio, CEO of UHE, presented the impressive capabilities of artificial intelligence to redefine the way we learn. Emphasizing that its proper use can be a powerful tool for building a more inclusive world.

María Beunza, CEO of Human AI tech, addressed the importance of implementing artificial intelligence in the educational ecosystem. During her speech, she highlighted how technology can act as an essential enabler to ensure equitable opportunities both in higher education and in the workplace.

The event concluded with an enriching question and answer session, where attendees had the opportunity to interact with the panelists and delve deeper into the topics presented.”

*UHE Review