The keys of Human AI: who we are and what we do – Webinar Copy

“Human AI was born as a research and development project; it started mainly in the world of education,” explained María Beunza in the webinar on January 29th, in which we presented first-hand the fundamentals and uses of our tool.

The webinar followed the outline and structure of our White paper. But what is a white paper? A white paper is a specific type of divulgative material that contains data, information, facts and research that validate the content of a specific product or service; in our case: our tool of inteligencia artificial aplicada a la valoración de la personalidad y las competencias socioemocionales. 

Understanding Human AI

In this webinar María Beunza – CEO of Human AI – firstly explains what HumanAI is and what areas of application it is currently having. Then our guest of honor, María Orellana, HR Director for Spain, Portugal and South Africa at Aon, explains the OCEAN Personality Model that underlies everything we do at Human AI, the implications and how it is used both in business and in many other areas. Meanwhile, Juan Tuñas – head and coordinator of Artificial Intelligence at Human AI – unravels what is behind the algorithm (psycholinguistics and language) and how our AI works, which is not magic but science. Finally, Iñigo Benito – Innovation Manager – shows us the new functionalities that the application has and will have.

In both the webinar and the white paper you will learn about who we are, what we do, the different areas of application of Human AI, our differential value and our foundations. Do not miss this opportunity to learn more about Human AI, an innovative tool that will help you enhance your human development.

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