Inclusive innovation: empowering capabilities with AI

“From the School of Special Education El Molino of Pamplona we decided to participate in the Human AI project in order to give voice and visibility to people with intellectual disabilities in the development of new tools or applications with Artificial Intelligence (AI)”.

Natalia Galbán – Docente en el Colegio de Educación Especial El Molino

At Human AI, we believe in the potential of artificial intelligence to improve people’s lives. That is why we are committed to the application of Human AI in centers such as El Molino Special Education School, a project that allows accessibility to tools with artificial intelligence for people with intellectual disabilities. This project represents a technological advance and a commitment to inclusion.

Key points of the project:

  • Professional support and human accompaniment: we provide educators and professionals with assessment and analysis tools based on the needs of each student.
  • Inclusion and accessibility to artificial intelligence tools: we develop intuitive and accessible tools, ensuring that people with intellectual disabilities have an active presence in the digital world.
  • Assessment, personalization and training in social-emotional skills and competencies: we offer personality and social-emotional competency assessments that are immediate, accurate and easy to interpret, allowing for more effective and personalized interventions.

At Human AI, we are convinced that the collaboration with the Molino School is just the beginning of a path of working together to build a more inclusive and accessible future for all people.