How to get to know the athlete well through artificial intelligence

Part of the Human AI team was present at the World Football Summit, the International Congress of the soccer industry that took place last September 20 and 21 at the Congress and Exhibition Palace of Seville.

Our CEO María Beunza was interviewed by DT-Deporte Technology, an online platform specialized in sport and healthy living in the digital era.

“Athletes, clubs, as well as ordinary people, are increasingly using technologies that help them to perform better and be better. This is our focus. We are part of an ecosystem that is gaining more and more presence every day, due to the enormous importance that competitive sport and health sport have in our lives. Digital technology has given it an unprecedented dimension, which also brings about enormous changes. Our mission is to report on them and analyze them”.

This is how they define themselves, and it is precisely to inform about the mission of Human AI comes to cover theirs: we are a technology at the service of human development, we affect the socioemotional performance of the athlete, impacting integrally on their sports performance using artificial intelligence.


María Beunza, our CEO, tells us.

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