University and Business: collaborative innovation

“Navarra, leader in Artificial Intelligence thanks to the collaboration between Technology Centers and companies”, this is how ATANA describes the conference “NavarraIAConnect – Building together an intelligent future‘”, a space around AI – organized by this Technology and Consulting Cluster – in which different Technology Centers presented projects developed in collaboration with companies from various productive sectors of Navarra, among them Human AI and the University of Navarra.

Our CTO and co-founder, Roberto Aguirre, together with Iván Cordón, Director of Innovation at DATAI – Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence of the UNAV, presented how it is possible to collaborate between university and business by putting university research at the service of technological and business application thanks to the development of an AI capable of “evaluating 35 socio-emotional skills with just 1000 words, an AI platform aimed at both educational centers and companies that want to assess and enhance their team”, reports ATANA.

How you write, that’s how you are

When we talk about AI,” says Roberto Aguirre, “almost everyone associates it with technology, but not with personality, with people. We saw that it could also help in that, in the matter of seeing how people work, how artificial intelligence can be applied to this type of knowledge”.

“When you express yourself naturally, you expose yourself.”

AI applied to psycholinguistics “makes it possible to deduce the personality of someone who has written a text by analyzing writing patterns or word repetition. There are a lot of parameters.” “When you are asked to write about whatever you want and you start a narrative talking about yourself and yourself, for example, or you use the first person singular many times, or in verbs you always put positive adjectives next to it,” the personality is being reflected, because “it is relatively difficult to mask it,” Aguirre pointed out.

“From more than 35 variables, Human AI makes it possible to determine a person’s socioemotional competencies and to deduce their levels of emotional instability or neuroticism, openness or ability to collaborate, among other parameters”.

Different professional fields

Human AI is at the service of professionals who work on personal development and well-being from the socio-emotional dimension.

“At our origin it was education, to help teachers work better in the classroom, basically, but the topic of job search also came up, since your collaboration skills you are going to be able to improve if you know you have a need, obviously; if you don’t know, you can’t do it.”

“You can determine which person is able to work better in a team,” Cordón explains, referring to one of those skills most in demand by companies today. This technology can also be “very important” in the field of sports.

“Athletes don’t just have to be physically good, they have to have mental capacity.”

“As one person told us, those who fall by the wayside are not precisely because they are not physically good, but because they do not have the right personality to overcome everything they have to overcome,” and in this area, the AI “is a clear value for coaches,” Aguirre added.

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