TutorIA: Innovation in Evaluation and SES Development

The project “TutorIA for the evaluation and development of SES” has been selected as one of the thirty most innovative projects in the VII edition of the convocation of Dualiza Grants from CaixaBank Dualiza and FPEmpresa.

This project – led by several vocational Training Centers of the Aspasia Group – aims to use the artificial intelligence tool Human AI to create a system that evaluates and develops socioemotional skills to promote personal development and improve the employability of its students.

Five entities will participate in this initiative: Alcazarén School of Professionals and TEMAT of Valladolid; European School of Oviedo; Institute for Qualifications of Cantabria and the Virgen del Buen Suceso Center of León.

Synergies between FPs and Companies

Close collaboration between vocational training centers and companies is essential, according to Luis García Domínguez, president of FPEmpresa. This synergy makes it possible to achieve the levels of excellence required for the labor market, thus strengthening the direct relationship between VET and the business fabric.

These initiatives will be carried out hand in hand with a company or collaborative entity; and it will be the students who will be in charge of developing them to improve their learning. In this way, companies are encouraged to actively participate in the training process of students, through the development and implementation of projects that contribute to improve their learning, providing them with new skills while adapting their profile to the needs of the labor market.

Of the total number of centers and projects selected in the Call, 21 have been chosen to promote ideas on their own, while the rest will collaborate to carry out network projects, developed and implemented by centers from different provinces and even from different autonomous communities, such as TutorIA.

“When selecting these 30 projects, the evaluation committee has taken into account that they should be innovative, encourage co-participation between centers, have a social impact, diversify the participating agents, establish coordination and communication mechanisms, contemplate sustainability to provide long-term results, be transferable, facilitate the communication of the achievements and seek to impact the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals,” says the Dualiza Grants Resolution.

HUMAN AI at the service of Vocational Training and Employability

The collaborating company to carry out the “TutorIA for SES assessment and development” project with FPAspasia centers will be Human AI Tech. The Human AI artificial intelligence tool offers immediate personality and social-emotional competence (SES) assessments by simply entering a natural language text of the person to be assessed. It also supports voice notes, which the tool automatically transcribes. This avoids self-perception bias and the investment of effort and time in traditional questionnaires.

The personality assessments provide the five traits of the OCEAN model and their facets in individual, immediate, accurate, user-friendly and easy-to-use reports. These reports will be used by project managers to achieve the desired competency improvement objectives.

This project will enable teachers to obtain individualized reports of their students’ competencies, providing them with tools and documentation to improve the competencies of current and future students. The students, as well, will obtain accreditation of their competencies, and the internship companies will receive detailed reports on the SES competencies of the interns, along with guidelines to help improve them.

Thanks to the use of Human AI, different soft skills will be evaluated and accredited, helping each student to enhance the skills and competencies necessary for their future job search and job placement.

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